1.6.0: new numerical keyboard, road type, driving style, etc...

Post date: Mar 22, 2011 10:40:22 PM

New features:

- Added a new numerical keyboard specific to my cars. The goal is to ease the editing of numbers and to overcome a problem I had with some phones like Sony-Ericsson. Please let me know what you think about it.

- Added some fields to refuel (driving style/road type/use AC/use trailer/avg speed). Some can be set on the car itself to act as default. Later on I will provide charts based on that data

- Improve performance of first screen load. Useful for high volumes of data.

- Added new date format patterns (with / as separator)

- In global stats screen some entries are now hidden if they are empty in order to make the screen more readable.

- Added more bills stats (

- Display cost in items list for refuels

- Added a new advanced preference in order to cut X last digits for a new refuel in odometer mode. For instance you could set X=3 so that instead of having 154678 miles you would have 154. Then you would only need to enter the last 3 digits.

Bug fix:

- Fix: wrong main app theme

- Fix: UK locale mistakes + AUD Australian currency code. Let me know if you see more UK mistakes.

- Fix: date picker in landscape mode was not showing properly

- Fix: chart export as image didn't work since 1.5.1

- Fix: service and bill categories sorted by name

- Fix: fuel efficiency shows 0 as first entry when car tank init state was not full

- Fix: sort of reminders is now always by date. It had some problems with multiple cars