2.0.0: New user interface, dropbox support & more

Post date: Apr 12, 2013 3:58:26 PM

New features:

- New user interface with action bar

- 3 themes: holo light, holo dark and holo light dark action bar

- Since 2.0.0 some of the new features will require Pro Mode. It can be activated in 2 ways

    1. Buy My Cars Pro Key app (former My Cars Donate)

    2. Enable Ads in My Cars app -> left slide menu and Go Pro menu

- PRO only: Dropbox backup/restore. More to come on this topic soon :-)

- PRO only: Use Google Cloud Print to save/print screenshots of My Cars to your printer or to any of your phones/pcs

Bug fix:

- Date widgets issues that didn't allow to change the date of refuels for instance

- Issues with keyboard

- Bi-Fuel cars now have the ability to use the unit gge/kgs

- Many more...

- ...