1.1.0: diesel back ;-), improvements in refuel screen, etc..

Post date: Oct 19, 2010 5:53:24 PM

new features:

- ability to have some cars in miles and others in kilometers

- in car new flag to tell whether the first time you use my cars is starting with a full tank. This allows to disregard first fill-up if false

- now the refuel screen includes 3 fields: quantity, price and cost. Just fill any of 2 and the third is computed

- support of small resolution phones like HTC Wildfire, HTC Tatoo, Sony Ericsson X10 Mini

- new fuel subtype management replacing fuel octane old field.

- diesel, flexfuel (E85, etc..) and also flexfuel with manual blend for mainly brazil,

bug fixes:

- fix export problems for android 1.5 users

- fix car purchase mileage lost not exported