1.5.3: mainly bug fixes for android 1.5 + refuel edit

Post date: Feb 8, 2011 10:06:35 PM

Please note that this release includes features of 1.5.2 that I didn't released.

New features:

- Added car filter for reminders. That way you can only select reminders by car. I just noticed however that the sorting by date doesn't always work.... I will fix it for next release :-(

- Added icons in chart lists. It's just nicer now.

- Consistent charts navigation: now all arrows are on the top right of the chart screens. I will probably add in one of the next releases the ability to slide from one chart to next/previous one.

Bug fix:

- FC on Android 1.5 when displaying the charts

- FC when changing the orientation of the screen during a refuel and then entering either fuel quantity, price or cost