1.6.0: what's coming...

Post date: Mar 6, 2011 9:11:16 PM

Numerical keyboard

My Cars will now include a new keyboard for numerical fields. 2 reasons for it:

    • ease of number inputs with only the minimum fields displayed (only digits that can be used for the input)

    • there were is a problem with the previous keyboard on some phones (like Sony X10) that required to set a specific alpha-numerical keyboard in the preferences. This was obviously not really intuitive.

Here is a snapshot:

In the future I will probably change on of the . (dot) key by a reset field.

Road type

Ability to input road type used between 2 refuels. The idea being to later on provide some stats/charts against road type for fuel efficiency.

Driving style

Ability to input driving style used between 2 refuels. As for road type, later I will provide some stats/charts against it for fuel efficiency.

Automatic bill generation

This feature is not yet completely ready. I will try to include it in the release, but not sure yet.

Bug fixes

A few bugfixes. Some of them reported by users by email, others trough the Android Error Reporting feature (please use this feature as I do read those reports), and finally some that I found myself ;-) More details in the release notes when it will be published.