Critical bugfixes

Post date: Apr 15, 2013 9:29:55 PM

First of all I must say sorry for having so many issues in the first release 2.0.0.

It was a mix of bugs and misunderstandings.

Many users didn't noticed there was a full menu on the left of the screen. It can be accessed in 2 ways:

- clicking on my cars icon on top left corner

- sliding from left to right

New features:

- Add menu is now displayed separately from Menu button if the screen has enough space. That should avoid confusion when looking for a new bill or new service record.

- Date picker doesn't show anymore the calendar, but standard day, month and year.

Bug fix:

- Fix critical display issue in edit screens for small devices (save button not displayed!)

- Fix driving style + road type not well loaded in refuel screen

- Fix SD Card default path (was mycar_beta instead of mycar). Should you have any issue with SD Card access please let me know

- Fix crash in preferences screen

- Fix possible crash in Import from Dropbox, please report crash if it still happens

- Fix crash of new chart Monthly running costs on Android 2.1,2.3

- Fix issue that prevent to enter amounts in landscape mode