My Cars

My Cars


My Cars in an Android application to manage cars/vehicles expenses. It manages fuel, services and bill expenses. It includes also reminders with notifications.

The goal is to fully manage your car expenses in a very easy way.


    • Refuels can be entered either with trip distance or odometer

    • Refuels can be used with either fuel price or refuel cost

    • Support of bi-fuel cars (LPG/CNG)

    • Support of dual-fuel cars (flexfuel). 2 options: manual blend gasoline + ethanol (for Brazil) and standard E85, Exx, etc...

    • Support of most worlwide units (full UK support for instance)

    • Support of a different unit of distance by car. Please enable this option in advanced paramters. That way you can have one car in miles and a second one in kilometers

    • Charts with filter by car and/or date range. Either displayed with a line or with bars. You can also view/edit entries directly in the charts

    • Maintenance records management with reminders

    • Bill records (insurance, parking, etc...) with reminders

    • Global stats is the first page to provide an immediate view on the current status of your cars

    • Best/worst page to help track the conditions of minimum and maximum fuel efficiency. Displays the 2 best and 2 worst refuels.

    • Fuel quantity units: US Gallons, Imperial gallons and liters

    • Several fuel efficiency units

    • Many currency codes

    • Export/import in CSV/XML format

    • 1 widget for quick refuel with the ability to use the picture of your car

    • 1 widget to launch My Cars with a different icon (car, bike, etc....)

    • Automatic/Manual backup of data (through export)

If you miss something for your country, e-mail me ( and I'll try to add it.

Re-fuel records

One of the main feature about fuel management is the ability to use full/partial/misses refuels.

    • Full refuel: to be used when you fill-up the tank. Do not forget to set the distance and quantity if you want the entry to be included in fuel efficiency stats. Fuel price is needed for cost stats

    • Partial refuel: you didn't fill-up the tank (for instance because the fuel was too expensive), so no problem, just tell my car that this is a partial refuel. If next refuel is a full refuel, then My Cars will compute the average fuel efficiency of both entries. You could also use several partial refuels before having 1 full. In all this cases the fuel efficiency stats will be updated when you will enter a full refuel.

    • Missed refuel: to be used when you have no idea of the quantity of fuel you have entered. Can be when you lend your car to a friend that doesn't car about stats :-). So when you take the car back and do a full refuel, just flag the refuel as missed and just enter the total distance missed. A missed refuel must always be a Full refuel but based on an unknown state.

Maintenance records

It's possible to define custom categories for maintenance records. By default My Cars provides 3:

    • Major service

    • Small service

    • Change of tyres

Obviously you should define your own services.

Each maintenance record is linked to 1-n categories. For instance you could record a "service" that includes the change of tyres and a major service.

Bills records

It's possible to define custom bill types for bill records. By default My Cars will provide some that will depend on your locale.


A reminder can be set for a maintenance record for instance. You can set a reminder based on 2 values:

    • time (every x year, x month, or x day)

    • distance (every x miles/km)

If both are set the reminder will be effective when the first is reached.

For instance you can set a reminder for a "Major service" every 6 months or 10'000 miles/kms

A page summarize all the reminders with the expected dates. In order to access the reminder page you need to press on the clock icon below the tabs on the right.

By configuration you can enable notifications. If set you'll have a notification that you can acknowledge or snooze.

Reminder types:

    • maintenance reminders (oil change, tyres pressure, etc...)

      • time and/or distance

      • uses the values of the last maintenance records to estimate next events.

    • bill (insurance, etc...)

      • time.

      • a bill is more seen as regular, hence my cars doesn't use the last bill to estimate the next one.

    • other reminders (anything not related to maintenance or bills)

      • time and/or distance

Importing data

    • import/export using CSV format (UTF-8 if using a text editor)

    • import/export using XML format (UTF-8)

    • works with Microsoft Excel 2003 onwards

    • works with OpenOffice

See How to... section for more details

Locales (languages)

My Cars is not yet translated in your own locale? You can help me doing it by e-mail me :-)

I am also looking for some bêta testers. So if you are interested, please e-mail me :-)


You would like to see a new feature implemented? Have a look at:

You will be able to vote or ask for new features. Please don't include support requests :-)

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